Bitte warten ...

It's time to change!

Everyone knows you work on the computer and suddenly nothing works anymore. Or you notice that the computer behaves strangely. You may want to use the Internet, but you don't know how to get this set up and use.

If you are someone and need help with your computer problems, then let me know!

You can also appeal to me, if you need a website. I can do the hosting of your Internet presence. Programming is preferably in (X) HTML, PHP, MySQL and Javascript.

Who you want to try Linux, or want to use it, you can also contact me. Linux has many similarities with Windows, the view across the borders is worthwhile.

Even those who would like to have your own Web server, or due to obtain the necessary information.

The now heavily advertised CMS are becoming more popular, if you want to know more or need help with configuration, is right here.

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